Journey with me

Are you on a journey of personal or spiritual growth?

Or maybe you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur looking to expand your business?

Come Journey with me to achieve your dreams and desires and live your best life! 

Success is a Journey, not a destination. 

The Journey

Growing your spiritually based business means operating from your own personal healing, light and divine intelligence.

No two businesses are the same. You can have the same shop, with the same products, on the same street, with the same demographic. However, each business will be completely different based on the core operating practices and belief structures of the owner.

Let me help you develop a very specific set of skills based on the sustainable practices I have personally developed from my years as an Accountant, CFO, Manager, Psychic and Healer.

I like to take people on a journey of growth in themselves and in their business. This will take us past the standard business course, and deliver us into the realms of manifesting – abundance, prosperity and a complete vibrational match to oneness in your divine purpose. 

Are you ready to receive that which you were always destined to Do, Be and Have?

Spiritual Growth

The Healing Journey
  • Let me help you awaken you to your spiritual business core.
  • In this journey you will participate in 6 weeks of 1 on 1 healing and growth mentorship. Connecting deeper to self, so that your business purpose and passion can be realised.

Business Growth

The Money Journey
  • Are you ready to alchemise all your life growth and spiritual healings to expand your soul driven business.
  • In this 8 week Journey we will plan the future of your business, align it to you as a person and how you operate within your genius. I will teach you how to implement holistic business strategies, price point checking, operational foundations, internal control procedures and streamlined efficiency to maximize net profit margins rather than just pushing uncomfortable sales techniques on your clients. These are core elements that create long term business success and not just short term profitability.
Govt. Funding

Spiritual Growth

The Activation Journey
  • Let me help you connect you to your divine essence.
  • In this journey you will participate in 6 weeks of 1 on 1 activations and attunements. Connecting to source, so that your spiritual gifts and passion can be shared.

Tax Accounting

Get all your compliance requirements up to date with bookkeeping and accounting services. I can setup and implement Xero, your accounting solution.  Prepare and lodge GST and PAYG Requirements and also complete your end of year tax obligations. Be one step ahead of the game with tax planning solutions, reporting and cash flow management. I also provide some Xero training for those who like to take complete control over their financial management. 

Mentoring Sessions

Get your business in order with some clear direction and strategies to implement. Setup, manage and operate your business from a healthy financial position and be ahead of the eight ball. Obtain advice and assistance when it comes to your obligations and lodgement requirements. 

Your business is a direct reflection of who you are. As an NLP Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner I have the skills and tools to help you shift your mindset, re-program your self limiting beliefs and create new neural pathways to achieve a life of success. Break through the money blocks and build confidence in your self and your business.  

Readings and Healings

After my own Awakening I spent the better part of my time focusing solely on Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing and Psychic Readings.  With me you can shift energy, release past lives, and upgrade your frequencies. Learn the laws of the universe, how to align your life and manifest all that your heart desires.