Success Stories

I recently consulted Abbey to help with the financial side of my business. Shes very knowledgeable, compassionate and so connected to the Spirit world. I got way more than what I expected. She has a world of wisdom behind her, is very intuitive and has a beautiful clear energy and a strong connection to source. Would highly recommend her. Thank you so much Abbey 🌟🌹
Abbey’s kind, compassionate and empathetic nature makes you feel reassured when your feeling challenged, lost and in need of guidance. She is very professional with a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas. She is inspirational with her abilities and journey . She is genuine in helping you achieve your success. Thank you Abbey for your help on the manifesting challenge I got so much out of it and activated Sony he within myself .
I had a session with Abbey when I was lost and at a standstill in my relationship and business. After one session with her I felt like a road had been cleared and my life started to flow again! Thanks for an amazing session!​
I recently attended Abbey’s Inner Child Healing workshop and I am so thankful that I did, she has such a beautiful energy, I felt comfortable as so as I got there. The experience was amazing and since then I have felt light and free and ready move forward without fear. Thankyou Abbey 🙏🏻🌻
I just want to thank you Abbey for all the work you have put in with me and my journey. As u know I was cheated on and left very angry and frustrated. Iv found that my sessions with you really eased my anger and I have become a more patient and better mother to my 3 children. I cant thank you enough for helping me to release this major problem that I was dealing with daily. My children have since become better behaved as they find their mum is a lot calmer these days. Thank you for making me happy again and changing my life for the better x​
Abbey is the most beautiful soul 😍 She completed a house clearing for me and I had the best night sleep that week in years! I feel so calm and peaceful in my house. She is also such a gifted energy healer!! Absolutely next level healing. Perfect if you’re feeling in a rut, or if you want to expand your spiritual connection. Abbey is your girl! 🙌❤️
I have only had a brief meeting with Abbey but wow can I tell you, her aura is incredible! I felt lighter than I have felt in a long time after hearing her words of wisdom! the way her words flow in a poetic manner are enlightening! abbey I can't wait to work with you more! you are a true gift! don't hesitate please! Come to Abbey!​
Abbey has helped me re-aline my emotions and assist with really focusing on what I desire and would recommend her 100%!! Thanks so much abbey!!