5 Days to High Vibe & Manifesting

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This Course is about helping you to raise your vibration and keep it high! Letting all the low vibe beliefs, attitudes, behaviours go so that you can start to manifest and attract all the things that your heart desires.

This Course is self paced. I’ve got some really powerful experiences to share with you so you can raise your vibration and put yourself into alignment to be in FLOW.

This is when the Law of Attraction works at it’s very best. If you want to live a happy and harmonious life, attracting all that you desire, being High Vibe is key and I will show you how.


2 reviews for 5 Days to High Vibe & Manifesting

  1. Krystal Edwards (verified owner)

    I recently completed Abbey’s ‘5 Days to High Vibe & Manifesting’ program and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful!! I got SO MUCH out of the manifesting part alone, but the true magic, and where other programs seem to lack, is where Abbey takes you on a deeper journey to align and balance your emotions and expectations, and shine light on your darker areas needing to be flipped. I already feel more positive, lighter and abundant, and I’m confident Abbey has given me the right tools, and empowered me to be able to continue raising my vibration myself and attract my heart’s greatest desires.

    Abbey is a very open, honest and genuine person who has a lot of love and wealth of knowledge to share and I found her very engaging in her talks. I am so grateful for all the guidance and support she has to offer and I 110% definitely recommend others to jump on board and participate in Abbey’s course or work with her one to one. Thank you again, Abbey xx

  2. Heidi Levings (verified owner)

    Before I participated in the 5 day high vibe and manifesting challenge, I was feeling very deflated, I lacked compassion and drive for my current state and my future. Completing this course for me was a real eye opener on my limiting beliefs. Abbey helped me re-align my focus and raise my vibrations and made me feel great! I channeled such a positive attitude from participating in this course and can not wait to do it again! Abbey is such a wonderful caring soul, her aura is infectious and makes me want to be my best self! I cannot wait for my 6 week journey.

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