Throughout life we have been taught that to one day to succeed you need to get a job and stay in it for life. 

It didn’t take me long to realise that that way of living was outdated.

So after running a successful Bookkeeping & Accounting Practice for over a decade, surviving the breakdown of my marriage, becoming a single mum of two and completely and utterly hitting rock bottom, I had to turn within myself and find out where I was supposed to go from here.

I left the corporate world completely and immersed myself into my Spiritual Awakening. I started with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis which led to the awakening of my intuition and psychic abilities. I then put myself through Shamanic Healing Training, Master Reiki Certification, and was a trusted healer in a Surfers Paradise Spiritual Center. But something still wasn’t clicking. There was something missing.

I knew that there was more I had to offer. And following some divine interventions and visions I  was guided to combine my two worlds and become the very first Spiritual Accountant.

It’s been a long journey, with lots of ups and downs. But I’m ready for this exciting new stage in my life, and the best part is that I get to bring you along with me!

Our Team

Holistic Accounting & Management you can trust and rely on. 

Abbey Benvegnu

the spiritual accountant

Abbey Benvegnu is The Spiritual Accountant. Magically she has combined the two, previously foreign, worlds of accounting and spirituality and created systems and processes to heal your finances and business from the inside out. 

Kiah Roberson


Kiah is our Accountant who specialises in accounting management and tax preparation. Kiah has strong interpersonal skills and cares deeply for our clients. As a valued member of the team she is skilled in finance management and BAS Services. 

Alyse Hildreth


Alyse is our qualified bookkeeper and accounting specialist. With more than 7 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience Alyse is a Registered BAS Agent and can manage all your financial requirements. 

Simon Hing

tax agent

Know all your compliance and obligations are completely taken care of with our in house tax agent Simon. All returns are completed in association with Ching Hing NG (Simon) TAN 25623251

Our Services

System Setup & Operations

Bookkeeping & BAS Agent Services

Cashflow Management Strategy

Taxation Solutions by Association with Registered Tax Agent Services

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