About Me

I throughout my life I have provided Accounting & Business Advisory Services, Coaching & Mentoring and Psychic & Energy Healing.

The biggest lesson was that when you accept all parts of yourself and surrender to what life brings you. You can find your true alignment and bring your own unique medicine to the world.

This is my medicine. I combine all these aspects to one, to bring you a completely new approach and way to manage your business and your life to reach ultimate success.


Get the know how. 

I can provide you with the knowledge, processes and tools to implement into your business to have it running efficiently. Get advice around strategy and business growth and development. Have someone here for you that GETS it. As a Spiritual Entrepreneur your business goals are my business goals. Your success is my success. I know the industry and I support it 100% for Global Change. 


As an NLP Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner I have the skills and tools to help you shift your mindset, re-program your self limiting beliefs and create new neural pathways to achieve a life of success. Break through the money blocks and build your confidence in your self and your business.  


After my own Awakening I spent the better part of my time focusing solely on Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing and Psychic Readings. I know bring this to you in your business. To shift energy, release past lives, and upgrade your frequencies. Learn the laws of the universe, how to align your life and manifest all that your heart desires.