The Spiritual Accountant

Psychic & Energy Healer

Years of Experience as an Accountant, Psychic & Energy Healer.

I’m Abbey and I am here to help Spiritual Entrepreneurs with Business Growth & Management. 

As an Accountant, Energy Healer & Shamanic Healing Practitioner I can help you improve performance in your business with the perfect balance between the right tools, mindset and energy.

All I ask of you is to trust, believe and surrender to the infinite possibilities of the universe

What I Offer

Growing your spiritually based business means operating from your own personal healing, light and divine intelligence.


Processes and strategies to create welath in your business


Shift your mindset and reprogram your beliefs


Shift energy blocks and upgrade your frequency

What People Are Saying

I participated in Abbey's "5 days to high vibe manifesting program" I went in with a half a heart and after her first session threw myself all in and knew this was for me. I got so much more out of this program then I expected. The manifesting part was amazing however it was everything else that I unknowingly needed more that was invaluable. I feel like learnt more in these 5 days with Abbey then I have in the last few years trying to find answers. Abbey has lifted my energy and spirits and I've felt amazing since starting her programing. Abbey is ridiculously funny, engaging, honest and genuine. It was an absolute blessing to get to participate in her program. You can't go wrong with following any program she has to offer. Thank you a million time over Abbey 💜💛❤️💙
Manifesting Program
Went to Abbey's Inner Child Healing workshop yesterday and it was everything I hoped for. Abbey made us all fee instantly calm, welcome and comfortable..not only with her but with each other. Highly recommend taking the step to connect with her (and yourself!) Xx
Inner Child Workshop
I went and seen the beautiful abbey this week it’s taken me a few days to take it all in... I was so impressed as good as peter Williams is I left abbeys with more clarification than with my reading with Pete. I just feel so relaxed and in a longggg time I feel I am getting me back... I couldn’t be happier...Thank you so much best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time ... Your such a gorgeous soul thank you for the bottom of my heart 💕
Healing Client

NEW Course!
5 Days to High Vibe & Manifesting

This Course is about helping you to raise your vibration and keep it high! Letting all the low vibe beliefs, attitudes, behaviours go so that you can start to manifest and attract all the things that your heart desires.